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About The Eco Ambassador
The Eco Ambassador provides current information on Environmental pollution and emerging Environmental issues; promote eco friendly products and going green ideas
All about Water Pollution
Water pollution affects all most all nation of the world and all most all major living species. This site summarizes all about it including its control and solutions.
Causes of Water Pollution
The main causes of water pollution are most often man made and caused by increasing industrialization and human activities. Some of the major causes are discussed in details in this page.
Effects of Water Pollution
Nobody can escape the effects of water pollution as it affects the entire ecosystem. This page discussed and summarized some of the major effects and infamous incidents caused by water pollution.
Water Pollution Facts
Some water pollution facts like “More than one in six people worldwide (894 million) don’t have access to improved water sources” are alarming. This page summarizes those facts and their references.
Water Pollution Solutions
Water pollution solutions require concentrated and organized efforts both at government and individual levels. Some crucial steps are listed and summarized in this page.
Waste Water Treatment
Waste water treatment is an essential requirement for health, environment and ecosystems. Discover different treatment processes and process unit involved in waste water treatments
Water Pollution Pictures
This page display different water pollution pictures to create awareness against water pollution, it causes and harmful effects.
Water Pollution References
Different Water pollution references has been gathered and listed in this page and these souces had also been referred while composing different water pollution related pages of this website.
Clean Drinking Water
Access to clean drinking water is a must for our survival. Discover how we can ensure the quality and supply of this vital resource.
Drinking Water Systems
Clean water supply can be ensured through different drinking water systems. Discover different types of drinking water systems, their functionalities and requirements.
Water Treatment Plant
Water treatment plant produce safe consumable drinking water. Find out how a water treatment plant works - the step by step processes involved from beginning to end.
Water Filtration System
A large variety of water filtration systems are available commercially to purify and polish water further. Discover more on water filtration system in this page.
What is Air Pollution
what is air pollution is defined in this page along with its classification and different examples.
Air Pollution Causes
This page discusses different air pollution causes. Both natural and anthropogenic air pollution causes are listed and presented here with facts and supporting information.
Common Air Pollutants
Discover different common air pollutants along with their origin and effects on human health, nature and environments in this page.
Air pollution Effects
Discover different air pollution effects on human health, ecosystems, and on over all earth’s climate. How air pollution poses various threats locally, regionally and globally is discussed here.
Air Pollution Facts
Discover various air pollution facts and figures along with supporting data that shed lights on its wide spread and lethal effects on human health and environment locally, regionally and globally.
Air Pollution Solutions
Discover different air pollution solutions strategies that we can adopt at local, national, international as well as personal level to fight this deadly and devastating environmental pollution.
Land Pollution
Land pollution definition, causes, effects and solutions are all summarized in this page. Different site assessment and site remediation methodologies are also presented here.
What is Alternative Energy
What is alternative energy? Discover different type of alternative energy, their different beneficial usages and cost effective ways to generate them in this page.
Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion
Find about Biogas - what it is, how it can be produced from Anaerobic Digestion, how it works and more in this page.
Solar Enegy
Find about Solar Energy - what it is, how it can be produced, how it works and more in this page
Geothermal Energy
Find about Geothermal Energy - what it is, how it can be produced, how it works and more in this page.
Fuel Cell
Find about Fuel Cell - what it is, how it works, its applications and potential and more in this page.
Wind Energy
Find about Wind Energy - what it is, how it works, its applications and potential and more in this page.
Find about Biofuel - what it is, how it is produced, its current usage, status and future potential and more in this page.
Hybrid Car
Find about Hybrid Car - what is a Hybrid Car, Benefits of Hybrid Cars, How Hybrid Car works and much more in this page.
Greenhouse Effect
Discover what is the greenhouse effect, enhanced greenhouse effect, causes of the greenhouse effect and more in this page.
What is Global Warming?
Find out what is global warming - its definition and other important facts in this page.
Global Warming Effects
Dicover Global Warming Effects on earth-on its surface, climate condition and on overall ecosystem in this page.
What is a Carbon Footprint?
Discover- ‘what is a Carbon Footprint?’ – Its definition and explanation.
Calculate Carbon Footprint
Discover how to calculate carbon footprint and different carbon footprint calculators available online.
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Discover how to reduce carbon footprint - different effective strategies of reduce, reuse and recycle that can cut down fossil fuel usage and green house gas emissions.
Why Anaerobic Digestion
Discover the advantages of anaerobic digestion technology and how it can provide a complete solution for organic waste management in this page.
Anaerobic Digestion Basics
Discover the basics of anaerobic digestion technology – what it is and how it works in this page.
Anaerobic Digestion Process Parameters!
Discover important anaerobic digestion process parameters along with their optimum ranges reported in this page.
Anaerobic Digestion Wastes
Discover various anaerobic digestion wastes and feedstocks - the basic feedstocks types as well as the emerging high energy feedstocks for advanced co-digestion in this page.
Anaerobic Digestion Pre-treatments
Discover anaerobic digestion pre-treatments - various advanced and basic waste specific pre-treatment categories and related existing technologies in this page.
Food Waste Pre-treatment!
Discover different food waste pre-treatment strategies and some commercially available technologies for anaerobic digestion process in this page.
Anaerobic Digestion Types
Different anaerobic digestion types based on their feed types, operating conditions and process configurations are discussed in detail here.
Low and High Solid Anaerobic Digestion Technology
Discover different type of low and high solid anaerobic digestion technologies based on their ability to handle the solid content of the feedstock/feedstocks mix.
Staged Anaerobic Digestion
Staged anaerobic digestions are designed to optimize the process and enhance gas production. Discover these different types of multi-staged anaerobic digestion in this page.
Co-digestion Consideration
Discover different important co-digestion consideration factors along with their optimum solutions and reported ranges in this page.
Anaerobic Digester Foaming
Discover reasons behind anaerobic digester foaming and its different prevention and control strategies.
Biogas Purification!
There are various biogas purification and cleaning technologies available depending on the intended end use – discover them in this page!
Biogas Utilization
With the advancement in technology, currently there are various beneficial biogas utilization options available- discover these biogas applications in this page.
Digestate Resource Recovery Options!
Discover different digestate resource recovery options along with their potential usage currently available with various evolving resource recovery technologies!
Advanced Processes and Technologies for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion
Discover recent advances in anaerobic digestion in a single document - technology and technology suppliers on advanced co-digestion plants, biogas upgrading, resource recovery and may more.
This page contains E-books,booklets and courses on environmental and green technologies and management topics.

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