Advanced Processes and Technologies for
Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion

Most Recent Advances in Anaerobic Digestion Inside One Document!

ØAdvancement in Feed Compositions:

üEmerging feed stocks

üVarious co-digestion fed stocks and their characteristics

üFeed stocks energy values, ways to evaluate feed stocks’ biogas potential, etc.

ØFeed Pre-treatment Categories and Related Technologies:

üInformation on different feed pre-treatment technologies and commercial suppliers that sell them

üSpecific information on food waste and source separated organic waste pre-treatment with examples from existing plants and technology suppliers.

ØEnhanced Anaerobic Digestion Process Consideration, Configuration, and Technology Selection:

üProcess considerations for optimal performance

üProcess selection and configurations for enhancing digestion- feeding mode, reactor stages and configurations, enhancing solid loading and recirculation, different digester types and their performance requirements, etc.

üSpecial focus on co-digestion process consideration, and its specific operating conditions and challenges

ØBiogas Cleaning, Upgrading and Utilization:

üInformation on different biogas cleaning and upgrading technologies and suppliers

üDifferent biogas utilization options and related benefits

ØDigestate Treatment and Resource Recovery:

üDifferent digestate treatment and enhancement options like drying, dewatering, evaporation, pyrolysis, gasification, etc. and their related technologies

üEmerging resource recovery options and end uses of digestate.

Author’s Bio:

Dr. Luxmy Begum is an Environmental Engineer with over 15 years of process, research, and project management experiences in the environment and renewable energy sector. Dr. Begum received a bachelor degree in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, India; a master degree in environmental engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand and a Ph.D. Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Begum was also a recipient of the Canadian Government NSERC Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at Environment Canada on alternative energy production (Biogas and Hydrogen). As part of her professional experience, Dr. Begum had worked with some major environmental engineering firms and served as a consultant both nationally and internationally. Dr. Begum’s professional experience includes innovative process solution, plant design and upgrade, technology selection and evaluation, equipment selection and procurements as well as project management and execution. She has successfully managed and delivered various environmental and renewable energy projects throughout North America for municipal, provincial, and private clients. Dr. Begum has authored of over fifty (50) international journals, conference papers and technical reports. This book is a result of her extensive research as well as professional experience on the topic. 


Anaerobic digestion technology has made some significant advancement in recent years. Different government agencies and professional groups have published several reports time to time on different individual steps of the process- like feed pretreatment, biogas upgrading or resource recovery of digestate etc., covering only some of these advancements. In addition, there are several hand books available that although cover the whole process, but only in a very basic level. There remains a lack of a comprehensive document that captures all the promising advancements and emerging technologies for the entire anaerobic digestion treatment process; starting from the beginning to the end. I have authored this book to fulfill that need in the industry. This book covers almost all the recent advancements in the industry starting from the emerging feed stocks to resource recovery of digestate; providing sufficient details on theories and practices, technologies and technology suppliers. I am confident that both the beginners and the experienced professionals will find this book useful.  

Luxmy Begum Ph. D., P. Eng., PMP

Ontario, Canada 

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