Environmental Jobs

Demands of environmental jobs will definitely increase in the future. We have only one planet to live and we have to keep maintaining and managing the environment of this plant to keep it livable. We need water treatment engineers to produce safe drinking water. On the other hand, we also need waste water managers and engineers to prevent and treat sewage pollution. We will need more and more Air quality specialist and managers to keep our air clean and breathable. In summary demands for environmental professional will always be there as our collective future depends on them.  More over, the demand seems to increasing as there are more awareness about the environmental pollution surrounding us. Currently professionals all around the world with green jobs are contributing and working towards a better planet - a planet where we may avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, global warming, sewage pollution, acid rain, resource depletion and many more environmental pollutions.

Sustainability professionals with their green jobs get to help towns, cities, organizations, industries, and institutions to reduce their environmental impacts. They help to minimize as well as treat properly the wastes produced every day from our day to day activities.  They show the proper ways to release the wastes to the environment in a way so that those do not pollute our land, water or air. Also, with increased focus on clean technology and renewable energy, the following sectors will also have higher promise for job activities – solar power, biofuels and biomaterials, smart grid and energy efficiency, wind energy and advanced transportation/vehicles. In short, people with environmental career are at the leading edge of a green revolution and right now is it is a great time to become one of them.

Jobs in the environmental sectors are available under various titles based on their demands and duties. Some of the popular environmental jobs are –

  • Environmental Engineer, Environmental Manager, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Consultant and Environmental Policy Advisor
  • Sustainability Manager, Sustainability Specialist and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Water and Wastewater Manager, Water and Wastewater Engineer

  • Green Building Professionals
  • Air Quality Specialist, Climate Change Specialist
  • Environmental Educator
  • Watershed Manager, Water Resource Engineer and Conservation Scientist

The working conditions of these jobs depends on position to position. As the sectors covers a variety of issues, jobs may stick to office environment while others depend on complete outdoor activities. In general, green jobs or sustainability career may demand the following:

  • Some outdoor work and travel to jobsites

  • Working on scientific and technical reports
  • Testing, checking and data collection and analysis
  • Design and technology selection
  • Keeping up with new policies, standards, regulations and technologies
  • Problem solving and providing solutions
  • Meeting and presentations with government, public bodies and stakeholders

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