Calculate Carbon Footprint

If we know how to calculate carbon footprint it will give us an idea how much we are impacting the environment with our day to day activities. To maintain our modern life styles we need to burn fossil fuels that cause green house gas emission- such as using a car/bus etc., heating the house, manufacturing various products via industry or even producing food for consumptions- all of these activities release certain amount of greenhouse gas. All those emission are taken into consideration while calculating carbon footprint for an individual or an organisation or even a product. It is a measurement of their total impact in the environment over a period.

Once the size of the Carbon footprint is known for an individual, organization or nation, preventive measures can be taken and strategies can be developed to reduce it. Such measure may include usage of advanced technology, better process development and product management; reduce consumption, reuse, recycle and other carbon offsetting technologies.

Online Calculator to Calculate Carbon Footprint

There are several free online carbon footprint calculators exist. These programs require inputting data regarding your carbon usage like food habit, transportation types, home size, shopping and recreational activities, electricity usage, heating and cooling of home, heavy appliances usage at home like dryers and refrigerators etc. Based on these input data an estimation of the carbon foot print is then calculated. Some of the major online carbon footprint calculators are as follows:

Carbon Calculator by Nature.Org

Carbon Calculator By EPA.Gov

Carbon Calculator by

 15 best Calculator by

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