Global Warming Images

These global warming images show its devastating effects on various area of our environment and ecosystems as well as its direct and indirect effects in our economy and social environment.

Global Warming Images showing Direct Effects:

Sea Level Rising:

Due to rising temperature of the earth, polar ice caps and other ice covers on land are melting. This contribute directly in sea level rising. Rising temperature will also contribute in thermal expansion of water that will add to sea level rise. As a result, island nations and countries near by sea are in direct danger. Bangladesh and Maldives are two such countries. It is predicted that with 5 ft. rise in sea level one sixth of Bangladesh can go under water. On the other hand, the highest part of Maldives is no more than 8 ft. and that put this country at a huge risk.

Male, the capital of the Maldives (source:

Cox's Bazar Beach in Bangladesh, the longest natural beach in the world.

Low lying lands will go under water as a consequence of global warming!

Polar Regions and Polar Bears

Due to rise in temperature polar ice caps are melting rapidly. As a result, the animals in Polar Regions specially the polar bear are affected adversely because they are losing their habitats. This put the species in the risk of being extinct. U.S. Geological Survey predicts that by 2050 two thirds of polar bears may disappear if the condition continued.

Polar ice covers are melting rapidly!

Polar bears are losing their habitats!

Polar bears are in the risk of being extinct.

Global Warming Images Showing other adverse consequences:

Storms, Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tsunamis

Increase temperature of the water bodies will cause more evaporation and more rise in sea level. These coupled with climate change will increase the likely hood of more storms, cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Global warming will cause more storms, cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Increase in Wild and Forest Fires

Increase in temperature will make earth surface warmer. As a result, dry leaves and land covers will increases in the forest which will make them more vulnerable to forest fires.

Wild and forest fires will increase

Desertification and Droughts

Desertification and droughts will be the direct consequence of global warming. Heat wave and severe droughts are not only being expected in Africa but also in different countries in Europe. 

Heat wave and severe droughts will be another dire consequence!

Increase in Endangered Species

Global warming will directly affect earth's vulnerable ecosystems by making them more prone to extinction. Cheetah and Panda are two such vulnerable species.

Cheetahs are dangerously close to extinction!

Sundarban – a mangrove forest shared between Bangladesh and India, is the only mangrove forest where Royal Bengal tigers are found; but the Sundarban is increasingly threatened by sea level rise as a result of global warming.

Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban!

Negative Economic Consequences

The increase in natural disasters like flood, cyclone, tsunami etc. will have direct negative impact on the economy of the various nations, increasing the level of poverty.

Children are one of the most vulnerable population!

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