Acrylic Paintings of Nature

Various acrylic paintings of nature are displayed in this page to create awareness about the magical and enormous beauty of nature that is worth to be preserved. Art has been used for hundred of years to raise awareness about nature conservancy and evoke emotions. Artist had been trying to reach people for saving forest, protecting water bodies and conserve species through their art works. The duty of raising environmental awareness through art is done by nature painters through centuries. The beauty of nature does not belong only to the artists but to all, and it is our common responsibility to protect and preserve this by choosing the right actions.

Emotions play a central role in the decisions we make. It is believed that, the art offers a way to make an emotional connection to audiences and can help expand awareness of its subjects. Creating Art work is an opportunity for the artist to capture the beauty of the surrounding environment and introduce them to others. The following art works were created inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature and if they can touch your soul, the hard works and purpose behind their creation will have a meaning.

Original Acrylic Paintings of Nature on 48X36" Canvas:

"Moonlit Ocean"

Original Acrylic Paintings of Nature on 36X24" Canvas:

"Golden Sunset"

"Mt. Fuji and Flowers" 

Original Acrylic Paintings of Nature on 24X18" Canvas:

"The Enchanted Niagara Falls"

"Pink is the Colour of Dusk"

"Dance of Flowers-1"

 "Untouched and Hidden"

"In an Autumn Day"

"The Pink Blossoms"

"Moon and The Silver Tree"

"The Blossoms"

"Someone Somewhere" 

"The Windy Shore"

Original Acrylic Paintings of Nature on 20X16" Canvas:


"Moonlit Blossoms"

"Royal Bengal Tiger"

"Mother and the baby"

"Little Bird"

"Tropical Beauty"

"Tropical Bloom"

"The Queen"

"Enchanted Forest and the Falls"

"Sunset and the River"

"Dance of Flowers"

"Flower Island"

"Flower Vase"

"Flower Girl"

"Golden Bird"

"The Peacock"

Prints and products made with these paintings are available to purchase at

FINE ART America.

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Artist's Statement:

Nature, the ultimate magician casted its spell on me since I was a little child. I always get mesmerized by its mystical and majestic beauty. I ended up becoming an environmental engineer with an intense desire to protect nature. But the painter inside me was born with a deep desire to play with the vibrant color of nature. My paintings are the windows of my soul that shows how I perceive the enormous beauty of nature. I create nature paintings to capture these displays of beauty still surrounding us abundantly; I create nature paintings to create awareness that such beauties deserve to be preserved and deserve to be protected.

Discover more acrylic paintings of Nature here.

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