5 Simple Eco Friendly Solutions for Businesses looking to go Green in 2016

by George H M Webb
(Content Exec, nationalwindowfilms.com )

In 2016 the need for businesses to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the green qualities of their operations has never been greater.
For many businesses the challenge may initially seem like a mammoth task. The truth is there are simple ways to adopt eco solutions in an existing business or when starting a green-focused company. Below are 5 simple eco-friendly solutions for businesses looking to go green in 2016 that companies can implement to help reduce their carbon footprint:

1. Digital Documents
A good place to start in reducing a companies’ environmental impact is by cutting down on the use of paper through procedures such as printing and mail.
We live in a world where both business clients and customers have access to internet-connected devices, so a move to utilising digital documents makes sense. Storing, sending and receiving documents electronically reduces the amount of physical paper used and is one simplest ways for companies to start reducing their carbon footprint.

2. Recycled Paper
In the instances that a business absolutely has to use printed paper, a simple shift to recycled products is another eco solution that makes a big difference. From advertising flyers to customer correspondence and business letterheads, recycled and recyclable paper is a great way to reduce the number of trees cut down for the production of paper products.

3. Solar Protection Window Films
Solar control films offer a number of benefits for property owners, but far more so for businesses as they can be implemented on a larger scale. For example, every 100 square foot of window film applied to windows can save the same amount of energy as approximately 1 ton of air conditioning.
These specialist solar window films can easily be retro-fitted to existing business premises to help reduce carbon emissions, among providing other benefits of such as limiting the damage from UV rays as well as heat and glare reduction.

4. Energy Efficient Transportation
One of the advantages of adopting green solutions for a business is that in most cases these practises end up saving companies significantly in their running and operational costs. This is especially true in the case of energy cost-savings provided by recycling, solar protection films, and energy efficient transportation, regardless of any initial costs of implementing them. This aspect involves investing in eco-friendly company vehicles, as well as working with clients that value green behaviour and use energy efficient transportation methods.

5. Cut out the Waste
Another simple way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint is by cutting down on waste and encouraging green behaviour within the company. Simple tips to begin with include switching off all non-critical electrical implements and appliances at the close of the business day, using energy saving appliances such as light bulbs or monitors. Having clearly demarcated waste collection systems, recycling bins or even compost bins are simple but engaging ways to promote a green environment within a company.

The five eco solutions above are just some of the simple ways that businesses can implement in order to reduce their impact on the environment. There are other ways to make a business more sustainable, and even those that require an initial investment will provide some ROI over a period of time.

George Webb is a content exec on behalf of National Window Films. He has a keen interest in sustainable technology and how businesses and brands are developing eco-friendly business plans.

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