Can the Solar Street Lights Face the Killer Storms and Lighting?

by Sam Vshisht
(Editor, Mohali, Punjab , India)

Solar Led Lights

Solar Led Lights

There had been reports of people getting electrocuted in streets during cyclones or typhoons. At least 3 people were electrocuted due to heavy rains in Southern China, and it was chiefly because of poorly maintained electrical equipment.

We harness nature to make our life easy, but sometimes things do not turn as expected. Heavy storms, hurricanes or typhoons can bring everything down. But the question is can solar power street light withstand hurricane or typhoons, or the affected people had to remain enveloped in darkness? The answer to it is yes, solar led street lights can still keep on illuminating even though everything else has been destroyed by the storms.

Solar street lights can withstand killer typhoons, and the best example of it can be given of China when the typhoon hit its many provinces. The only thing that remained was solar street lights.

However, the idea is to have these lights installed in a way that they can withstand the storms.

Following is a suggested mechanism to make these street lights storm resistant.

Wind resistance mechanism

To make the solar lights withstand the winds, the pole should be made of strong metal parts, basically as thick as possible. Try to position the solar panel at a lower level to withstand the power of the wind. Another option is to fix a small size lamp house but which has higher heat radiation. The pole should be short in size but do not forget its main objective.

Waterproof IP rate

Waterproof could be yet another one of the biggest problems for solar lights resistance. So, it is best that you use IP 67 LED light in the pace of IP 65. Try to have waterproof connectors installed.

The robust design of a solar panel

Use a strong aluminum frame and thicker glass. It is always best that you fix the mountain bracket not only with the help of screws, but also to cover the frame. This makes the solar panels strong and enabling it to withstand any storm.

Pole should be standing on a solid base

If foundation is strong, it could withstand any storm. So, it is always best to have the size of the base much bigger, heavier and strong. You can also add reinforced steel in the concrete. And to prevent the damages that might occur due to the flood, have the battery box buried under the ground.

Design of solar street lights

Regular flat solar panels can be easily damaged or blown off whenever there is a wind or storm. So instead of a regular flat solar panel, experts suggest cylindrical solar street light, which had been a technological endorsement of 2019. It is always best to fix the hexagonal cylinder aluminum frame. It offers strong wind resistance and performance, increasing the beauty of the solar pole.

Can Lighting impacts Solar led street light?

Quite often lighting also damages the solar lights, which is due to improper direct lighting protection, a wrong way, and insufficient bonding and earthing, and inadequate transient protection. You can have a lightning rod or earthing rod to prevent the direct lighting to happen.

Need is to adopt a certain technique that can make the street lights withstand lightning. It is best to apply the grounding method. In this process, you can make lightning pass directly towards the ground surpassing equipment. The path to ground will regularly discharge static electricity that remains accumulated above ground. There is certain electronic equipment like lighting arrestors and surge protectors, but these devices cannot be used as a substitute of grounding. In fact, they perform well with grounding. The whole system is very impactful and plays a crucial role in wiring, get it installed at a time when the power wiring is being installed. However, once this system is under operation, this part might never get checked on the to-do list.

You could also have ground rods installed. It is better if you have 8-foot-long, and 5/8-inch copper-plated ground rods installed on the earth. You should have several rods installed with at least 6 feet spacing in between, and connect them all with copper wire. There are also other mechanisms like lighting arrestors or lighting rods etc.

The process mentioned is easy to install and are of low cost. Today, when other resources are getting depleted, harnessing solar power to get the lights in our streets, is best. As solar powered lights if properly installed can withstand the storms, and even killer tycoons and hurricanes.

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