Water Filter for Shower

Water filter for shower are installed on shower head or in-line and help to remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals from water. There are various commercially available shower filters that use different filter technology to remove contaminants from water. While these filters may not be an essential for every household but they certainly have different health, beauty and aesthetic benefits to offer.

Health and Cosmetic Benefits of Shower Filter:

Water treatment facilities use chlorine to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms in the water. They also leave a residual chlorine in the water to discourage microbial growth in the water supply line. But sometimes this chlorinated water kills the beneficial bacteria in the skin and disrupt the balance. Also, chlorine reduce natural moisture of skin and hair and left them dry and frizzy. By using a shower filter, chlorine exposure can be limited and chlorine induced dryness can be reduced.  

Sometimes excess chlorine can cause various detrimental health effects too like asthma and allergy.  Vaporized chlorinated shower water can also reduce indoor water quality. Chlorine is known to cause inflammation of the sinus linings and therefore suspected for causing increased sinus infection. In addition, chlorine when reacted with other organic chemicals in water may create come harmful carcinogenic by products, such as trihalomethanes (THMs). Using a shower filter will definitely cut down these risks.

At a glance the benefits of shower filters are as follows:

  • Help reducing skin and hair dryness
  • Enhance pH balance and moisture for the skin
  • Cut down health risk by removing chlorine and other toxic, harsh chemicals from the water

When a Water filter for Shower is Important:

A shower filter is important for the following population group:

  • Children/elderly people with chlorine sensitivity
  • People with existing respiratory and skin disorders like asthma, bronchitis, eczema etc. as these diseases get worsen by inhalation and absorption of chlorine or other toxic chemicals if present in the water.
  • women who are expecting a baby -  a shower filter helps in reducing chlorine exposure to the expectant mother and reduce chlorine induce health risk for her as well as for the unborn child.
  • People with dry skin and hair- as chlorine contributes to dry irritated skin, dry, frizzy hair and itchy, dry scalp, using a shower filter will definitely help to improve these conditions. 

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